“I want to thank you and all those involved with this great program. My children are so proud of the Buckaroo certificates that they have shown to family, friends and teachers. My children have learned to value the hard work the goes into the care of the horses. They have understood what it takes to handle and ride a horse. Finally, they have learned to appreciate the beauty and elegance of horses. For all of these reasons and more, thank you for having this fantastic program.”
“My kids learned a lot from the program! They looked forward to attending every session. I really liked the idea of having the kids participate by reading, feeding, etc. This helped the kids open up and come out of their shells, while building confidence!”
“Thank you for the great opportunity that you give these kids! They need a lot of love, encouragement, and positiveness, that this program has given them just that. God bless & Thank You!”
“I think that both of my sons have learned a lot through your Kids & Horses Education Program. Working with the horses has given them a respect for the animals and a great sense of personal achievement. Doug has a great rapport with the kids, and has made it easy for them to learn. Good job… keep it up!”
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