Privacy Policy

Victory Ranch Inc. is committed to protecting your online privacy and recognizes the importance of any personal information you share with us. Any personal information you share is used to help Victory Ranch Inc. understand who is visiting the site and how we can provide them with additional information.

We may use this information to contact visitors for information distribution purposes only. At any time, you may “opt-out” of receiving notifications from us by send us an email.

Victory Ranch Inc. does not rent, sell or disclose personal information or data to any third parties. We respect your privacy.

Diversity Policy​
Victory Ranch operates with no cultural, ethnic, religious, gender, or racial barriers. Our programs are designed to provide an optimal learning and educational process that effectively reaches all cross sections of our community. Students and staff represent cultural diversity that includes: Asian, Hispanic, Afro- American, Caucasian, and Middle East.

Non-Discrimination Policy​
Victory Ranch operates both hiring/employment practices and provision of services, with a non-discriminatory practice policy. These categories include, but are not limited to race, color, religion, sex, gender expression, physical appearance, language, education background, national origin, age, disability, and veteran status.​

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