About the Horse Program

Victory Ranch conducts an About the Horse Program (used to be the Kids & Horses Education Ptrogram) throughout the year for disadvantaged and underserved youth ranging in ages generally from 8 to 16. The kids learn about horses, horsemanship, tack, and ride the last two of eight sessions. They graduate as Buckaroos.

Safety is stressed and each participant is encouraged to reach the following goals:

  • Team Skills
  • Personal Achievement
  • Bonding with their horse partner
  • Learning the equine language
  • Improved healthy communication
  • Self Confidence
  • Riding a horse

About the Program

The Program is designed to complement existing school schedules and commitments

  • Students commute to the ranch & commit to a 5 week program
  • Ten sessions: students come to the ranch twice a week (one day after school and the other on Saturday mornings)
  • Sessions run for one and half hours - usually a half hour of class time and then an hour hands-on outside at the ranch
  • Emphasis on relationship with horse (buddy)
  • Incentive-based, individual goals, competition, positive-oriented focused
  • Use caring, supportive and encouraging dynamics
  • There is no charge to students - parents/guardians are encouraged to participate

Student referrals come from local government, social services agencies, and foster homes​

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